Sports Yoga Photography and Video Shooting

My dear friend is both a master yoga instructor and a great nude model. Before taking these shots, we thought why not combine both nude modeling and yoga poses.

We had a long conversation with her on this matter before shooting. After all, the practice we call yoga actually advised people to return to their essence. And the essence of man consists of purity, simplicity.

We set out from this concept of simplicity. It would be an invaluable experience for us to immortalize nude yoga by shooting it...

And finally, it was our day of shooting to make this idea come true. We made some of our shoots at our yogini friend's house and some in Lake Tuz.

We set off with the first lights of the day for our shooting at the Lake Tuz. When we got there, there was a long way to walk ahead of us, and the air was freezing. But all these negative environmental factors did not deter us.

We started working on nude yoga poses after walking a certain distance. Although my dear friend was cold, she overcame it with great skill.

We also improvised a video scenario by getting caught in the incredible ambiance of the Lake Tuz we went to for professional photography.

You can watch this video work from the link below!