Sports Yoga Photography and Video Shooting

We shot on two different days with our model who is a dancer and pilates instructor. Our first shoot was the promotional film of the pilates school in Izmir, which was owned and founded by our pilates instructor. In this pilates school, there are special classes for pilates, dance, and yoga training.

These classes are for various age groups. It is not just for adults, you have the opportunity to attend classes with your children!

You can watch the images of this school from the link we shared below.

When we came together with our esteemed pilates instructor for the second time, we had a different idea of ​​shooting. This time our shoot was on the beach concept.

Every moment of this shot, which carries the vitality and energy of the spring month, was precious to us. Our Pilates instructor helped us to capture beautiful frames by exhibiting various yoga and pilates poses.

The attitude of our esteemed friend, who carries out his work with great professionalism, is of course reflected in the photographs in its best form.

We always try to contribute to the success of precious people who demand photos from us with the sensitivity we show to our photography and video shootings.

No matter how successful a job seems, if the presentation part is not professionally done, unfortunately, it becomes difficult to reach the desired audience.

Being aware of this situation, we always strive to present the best and the professional to our valued friends. This shot is one of the good examples of the attitude we show.