Sports Yoga Photography and Video Shooting

My dear friend and an exemplary person... She is a master trainer at Nike and also gives private group lessons and works as a personal trainer.

But it's not just that she's a successful trainer that makes her special. She is a woman who has values ​​and can fight for them with all her might. Of course, women's rights come first among these values.

She is also the best example of how a woman can look perfect when she has muscles... A rare person who shatters the monotony of people's perception of beauty.

And our professional photography and video shooting work we carried out was just about this issue.

While doing sports poses, we have also created works that reveal the power of women. By sharing these works on social media, she succeeded in being a source of inspiration for people from many different backgrounds, especially women, and interacted with many more people.

You can watch our video reflecting women's power from the link below!