Mine Yılmazbilek

Mine Yılmazbilek, whose place is very different for me and with whom we came together dozens of times and produced creative projects ...

Besides being a successful Pilates instructor and master trainer, Mine is one of the most creative and hardworking people I know. I always make sure that every time we work together, the result will be absolutely perfect.

My dear friend Mine is currently participating in festivals organized by various universities within the scope of the Hip Up dance project she founded and conducts workshops. We come together with Mine, who is always trying to produce something, on certain dates of the year, and shoot training videos of various dance, cardio and yoga classes on behalf of MACfit.

The choreographies of all the lessons in these videos belong to Mine and she is also included in these videos practically.

We have worked a lot with my dear friend so far. We share some of them here with you. You can watch our short dance video from the link we shared below!