Model Photography and Video Shooting

We have shot with different concepts more than once, including studio and outdoor shooting, with our dear cosplayer friend.

We had no problem posing as she was professionally involved in cosplay work. She was very relaxed and positive in front of the camera.

Her beautiful energy, of course, positively affected the creativity and naturalness of our work. We didn't even realize how the day has passed every time we got together for the shoot ...

In addition to being a cosplayer, she is also a very successful model.

Whenever we come together with the idea of ​​a photo and video shoot, we get completely different beautiful visuals in an improvised way. As we constantly renew ourselves and our point of view, each time we create works in much different concepts than the previous ones. This is actually the best part of shooting together!

When our creative perspective and professional modeling skills are combined, successful work emerges as you can see in the video below.

There are many more ideas to come true, see you at our next professional shoot ...