Model Photography and Video Shooting

With our go-go dancer model, we shot photos and dance videos in the woods and coastal areas in Izmir.

Our talented dancer specializes in modern dance and go-go dance and also teaches private lessons.

Our valuable dancer has requested such a shot from us in order to reach many more dance enthusiasts through her social media accounts.

In addition to our outdoor work with her, we also have professional studio photography work. With our extremely modest and harmonious model, we shot exactly as we imagined.

We also took advantage of her being a dancer in posing. When our pose ideas and perspective combined with her aesthetic perception, incredible photos, and videos emerged. Since she has been interested in nude modeling besides dancing, we continued our photography work mainly through nude poses.

In order to take these poses, we have preferred places that people do not visit very often. Thus, we have ensured that our model can pose in a more relaxed way.

We took hundreds of frames as she showed her mastery in dancing as well in modeling! When the evening came and it got dark, we hadn't even realized how a whole day passed by.

We hope that we can come together again for new projects and present more photography and video concepts to you soon! We have already begun to look forward to our new work ...

You can watch our short dance video from the link below!