Model Photography and Video Shooting

When a job involves scriptwriting and creativity, it becomes twice as enjoyable for us. That's why we bring a creative perspective to every shot we make.

When our model came to us with a personal photo shoot request, we did not have any concept idea.

When we reached the location where we will be shooting, the environmental conditions gave us the idea.

The place we were in was a forest area near a bay where people did not visit. In this area, there were various toy parts, garbage piles and such objects.

Taking advantage of the complexity in this environment, we edited a video. Although our model had no acting experience before, she took the role of a psycho woman with great skill for this video.

In this way, a fiction video with a very different concept emerged, as you will see below. Everything is part of a whole in the video, the location, the choice of music, the right direction and the acting skill of the model were the effective factors.

In addition to our concept video, the photos we took also had such a beautiful composition. The most important point here is that we can somehow include all the objects around us in the story of the photograph.

Our beloved model and environmental factors were in great harmony with each other.