Professional Photographer, Social Media Specialist, Style Consultant & Director ( Videographer ) Onur Bagci - Pilates Instructor, Yogi ( Yoga ), Professional Photography Photoshoot and Video Shooting in Istanbul

To make yoga a philosophy of life and to share the beautiful energy around it with everyone, my dear friend and yogi Ece, who regularly organizes seminars and tries to explain these to everyone, frames from our professional photography and professional video shootings ..

In this video, I tried to give information about yoga camp in Datça and summarize the good time we spent. Apart from being a yoga instructor, Ece’s energy is so beautiful that even if you are just nearby, you can feel it. We have immortalized this beautiful training day with professional yoga video shooting and professional yoga photography.

In the last video you can watch their performance with Yoga instructor Ece and Cello Ece. After our professional video shooting and professional photo shoots in Istanbul, we will meet again soon and realize our new professional shooting works.

See you next time we shoot.