Professional Photographer, Social Media Specialist, Style Consultant & Director ( Videographer ) Onur Bagci - Nude Model in Ukraine Kiev, Yoga Instructor, Photoshoot and Videoshoot

I had the opportunity to work with different concepts and different models during my filming in Kiev, Ukraine. I have done professional nudes, professional video shooting, nude yoga photography, yoga video shooting. The first professional video shoot was with two Ukrainian models. We did a black background and studio video. At the same time, we added new data to our archive during the rest of the time with studio photography.

In the other professional video shoot I had the opportunity to work with two Ukrainian models. We shot with different concepts in the beautiful nature of Kiev city. In this shoot, we decorated the day with professional photos and we also took nudes.

In another professional video shooting and professional photography, we used a gothic studio. The nice thing about taking studio photos is that I can adjust the light as I wish and I can shoot in a comfortable way away from the environment.

Finally, the professional video footage that you will see on the link was also made in the Kiev forest. With the fitness video shoot and fitness photo shoot I did with the successful fitness instructor, we achieved beautiful frames.

See you next professional shoot.