Professional Photographer, Social Media Specialist, Style Consultant & Director ( Videographer ) Onur Bagci - International Model, Professional Photography and Video Shooting in İzmir Karsiyaka with Model Nur

Nur is both a supermodel and my neighbor 😊 It's a really amazing coincidence that your model sits on the side street of your home. With Nur, we performed more than one professional photo shoot and professional video shoot. Nur also represents our country abroad. It is very proud of a Turkish being so successful in the events he participated. Here is a link to the backstage video we created in one of our professional photo shoots.

Especially with Nur, where we take professional photo shoots in indoor areas in the style of studio environment, we will soon carry out professional photo shoot with nature theme. Although our style looks like a model / model in general, we try to show the fine art style in our photo shoots. Thanks to Nur's modeling knowledge, our pose work is very comfortable and we can move forward very quickly for new poses. In nature-themed shooting, we will meet you with beautiful clothes and poses. Nur and the power of social media very well that one of the most successful models in Turkey.