Onur Bagci - Professional Photography and Professional Video Shooting with Nude Model, Ballerina, Modern Dancer, Yogi Asra Tin in Izmir Urla

Beautiful and successful, so humble and kind .. It is very difficult to find them all together and literally Asra Tin is one of the few people I know especially sahip Asra lives in Antalya, but she doesn't come to Izmir so we can shoot photos and videos. showed courtesy. We shot in different branches. We took some nudes and some backstage videos. In the first link there is a video shoot on an abandoned castle wall.

In this video link, there is a backstage video of short videos taken during our two-day photo shoot.

It was a pleasure to shoot nudes with Asra. It was easy to get the frames we wanted because he's a nude model for fine arts students at the university. In addition, we did yoga photography and modern dance video. In fact, every frame we take with Asra and every video scene we shoot is worth gold and produces beautiful results. Because it was so enjoyable and comfortable to work with, it was not even possible to understand when our two-day shooting was over.

Asra's instagram profile can be found below;