1. The Parties:
In this agreement, Halim Onur Bağcı will be referred to as “Photographer..
In this agreement, the business owner shall be referred to as the “Customeré

2. Subject and Purpose of the Convention:
This agreement is to have information about the rights and obligations of both parties during and before and after the shootings to be realized by agreement between the business owner and the photographer, determination of how the photograph will take place, working conditions and usage ownership of the produced works. and to clarify the basic principles of the relationship between the parties, commercial and legal. Besides the binding side of the contract, the photographer guarantees to work in good faith.

3. Obligations of the Parties;
The business owner agrees and undertakes to work in full cooperation with the photographer, to make every effort to maintain and improve the quality of the product he receives, and not to see the photographer as the sole responsible for the negativity experienced during the photographing.
This contract is valid for unlimited period for all photos, video shoots and all other works that have been done and made to the customer. It cannot be canceled or changed.
The photographer and the agency shall not be liable for technical and photographic losses. If it is possible to compensate for the damage, a photo shoot is taken on the day other than the specified date and in this case, no refund can be requested by the owner.
Once the business customer receives the photo archive prepared by the photographer, a new archiving responsibility cannot be assigned to the business photographer.
No additional responsibility may be imposed on the photographer other than the responsibilities granted under this agreement.
The photographer guarantees to shoot in the best possible conditions with the best performance, including all the staff and himself.

4. Privacy Policy:
The Photographer undertakes to ensure the confidentiality and security of all Customer information. This commitment is warranted as neither the photographer nor any third party or Company will be able to technically access the Customer's proprietary information. If the photos are delivered to the customer via flash memory, the security of the photos will remain entirely at the customer's disposal. If the photos are delivered to the customer from the virtual environment (cloud filing - drive), the folder to be created will be delivered as encrypted by the customer. The customer is responsible for sharing and finding the created drive folder with others. The photographer guarantees that the information will not be shared with third parties in any way and assumes no responsibility for the photographs.

5. Publishing Photos and Videos:
With this agreement, all photos and videos taken by the photographer, without any restrictions such as advertising, trade, promotion, exhibition by the photographer, all social media, web platforms and so on. areas. Under no circumstances, shared photos and videos may be removed or changed from any platform on which they are shared.

6. Copyright:
This contract was known as a photographer Halim, all photos taken by Honor Bagci, videos (all data generated by shooting) are the property of the photographer, belongs to the copyright of the photographer and deserve the Republic of Turkey Copyright Law (No. 5846 on Intellectual and is defined by Art Works Act.) Is protected by . The business owner cannot claim ownership of these photos and any rights to the use of images for advertising purposes. The business owner is deemed to have waived all rights to this effect.

7. Termination of the Agreement:
If the business owner wishes to terminate this agreement before the date of photographing, the photographer must notify the Photographer in writing of such termination. The photographer may unilaterally terminate this contract without any prejudice on the basis of justified reasons (failure to pay the photography fee on time, incomplete or not at all, taking illegal actions against the photographer or one of his or her team by the business owner or his relatives, avoiding the obligations that the business owner is responsible for, etc.) .

8. Legal Principles:
Since the entry into force of this agreement, the receivables and debts arising from all kinds of goods, services and other commercial relations to be made by both parties shall be executed as mutual current accounts in the official books. This contract is also in the provision of CURRENT ACCOUNT AGREEMENT with all the details without the need for a separate contract. The parties state that there is a current account agreement between them and the TCC. the relevant provisions are valid.
Both parties shall act in accordance with the general commercial laws, ethics and principles, protect their mutual interests in good faith and shall ensure that their commercial activities are fully carried out by T.C. comply with the commercial legal system

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