I wonder how?

In order to start our filming immediately, I share some of the most frequently asked questions here;

* I want to shoot, what should I do?

First of all, we decide on the right day for shooting, and if we are available for the shooting on the day you want, we will continue to discuss other details. Shooting location, clothes, budget etc.

* I want to shoot, but I'm not photogenic at all :( Do I look good in photos?

This is my favorite question :) Everybody's beauty is unique and of course you'll come out beautiful. I'm here to immortalize whatever good is about you!

* I want to be a model, what should I do?

Being a model / model is really hard and it is not possible for everyone to bring continuity. If you want to start working in this area, I will shoot according to the modeling / modeling area you want to make and I can make your profile ready. I can help you from the best sharing of your work on social media to the promotion of your profile to the best agencies.

* Just shooting a model?

If you had the chance to review the profile ... :) My work is not just about shooting a model. From corporate shots to underwater shots, from clip shots to drone shots. I can help you with whatever shooting is right for you.

*Why do you always work with women?

This is a continuity that is totally out of my control. There is no gender discrimination. Due to the profile only, the shots usually go this way. There are also male models that I work with, and I give LGBT endless support!! and you just have to be human to shoot...

* I don't know what clothes to wear for shooting?

No problem! The university I studied and the trainings I received are all to make it easier for you to make this choice.

* I do not do much to make up, can I get support for shooting?

Of course! My professional team of makeup and hair experts can support us in shooting.

* Do you shoot for companies?

Yeah! Macfit, Nike, Pinar, Gamex, Mavibahce, etc. We have had many corporate works with companies / organizations. You can review the shooting examples in the references section.

* Do you shoot clips?

Yeah! Clipping is one of my favorite works. Gülşen's duet with Mirkelam and her her every night parç song and Serdar Ortaç's Sinan Akçıl's "love of the century parç and so on. I worked as an assistant to the director of photography. Apart from these, I have directed many video works.

* Do you do career planning?

Yeah! If you want to move forward, you will surely have visual support for your career, social media support, web promotion and support in every area you need. There is a huge staff behind me who think of these works as Onur Bağcı, and support me in every field ... For more information, you can look at our solutions section.

In this way, some of the most frequently asked questions are enough to contact you for more information.