Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) Professional Review

Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) Professional Review

I have finally shot my Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) professional review video as soon as the camera arrived! Yes, after a long wait, the camera arrived quite late compared to other countries in the world, but what do they say? Better late than never!

For all the features, price, usage and more, let's move on to our Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) professional review!

First of all, I must say that this is an original review based entirely on my own research and experience. As Onur Bağcı Design & Art agency, we do not have a special agreement with Sony.

With pre-order I was on the waiting list for A7S3 (A7SIII). And you can be sure that after watching the Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) professional review video to the end, you will know exactly about the A7S3 (A7SIII).

In the future, I will share the video footage of the Sony A7S3 (A7SIII), which will reveal the general features.

Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) General Specifications

Yes, Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) general features come first. Previously my favorite camcorders were the A7S2 and a6500, but now things have changed and finally Sony is with us with the A7S3 (A7SIII) general features.

And its super features are precisely tuned to make everyone happy!

• 4k 120 frames.

• Hd 240 frames.

• 10 bit color depth.

• 4.2.2 chroma subsampling.

• 15 steps dynamic range.

• State of the art cinema tone used in Sony cinema cameras.

• Vlog compatible with 180 degree rotating screen.

• No more heating problems!

• Large HDMI output.

• Unlimited recording time.

Okay, without further ado, I will move on to the topic of Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) general features. Let's talk about the design and body first;
The new body and camera design are very nice. Especially the body is a little thicker than the old models. If we put it in Turkish terms, we can say that it is a little more meaty.

What I love most about Sony cameras is that they always deliver better results in the cameras they have just produced. They never look like old cameras and continue to improve themselves.

The body is resistant to water and dust, and is very solid. Of course, I wish you not to drop or crash on the ground, but it does not seem possible for the camera to be damaged by small blows. Be careful though!

Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) price

Regarding the Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) price, this beautiful super cute camera deserves to keep us waiting for 5 years. Unfortunately, due to the increase of dollars in our country's standards, the pre-order price is $ 3,498, ie 35,000 TL including taxes. And while recording this video, the price of Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) rose to around 37,500 TL ...

But it is possible that the price of the camera will increase even more in the future.

You can get all the detailed information about Sony A7S3 (A7SIII) professional review in the video I added above!

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