Izmir Photo Shooting Prices

Izmir Photo Shooting Prices

We create the most suitable shooting plan for you for Izmir photo shoot prices! Photo shooting may be done for many different reasons. The point to note here is that while you get a professional shooting service, it is also affordable.

While creating our work on Izmir photo shoot prices, we also consider your budget. For this reason, we create more than one photo shoot package. In this way, we are able to take photos suitable for every budget.

Outdoor Photography Prices

Outdoor photography prices vary according to the content of the shooting package. As Onur Bağcı Design & Art agency, we create outdoor photography prices that do not strain your budget, while at the same time we offer professional images.

When we look at the past, we see that especially special day shots are usually done in a studio environment and outdoor shooting is not very common.

Today, this shooting style has left its place to outdoor photography. This led people to search for outdoor photography prices.

Let's briefly talk about which shootings cover our exterior shooting service at Onur Bağcı Design & Art agency;

These are some of our outdoor photography services. Whatever your shooting subject is, we take the same care for all your shots.

Personal Photo Shooting Prices

Before moving on to the explanation about personal photo shoot prices, let's talk about how we plan personal photo shoots in our agency, how the process works. A personal photo shoot is one of the shots requested by anyone for their own archive or sharing, without the requirement of modeling.

When determining personal photo shoot prices, we include a support team such as a style consultant, make-up artist, hairdresser and assistant who may be required in your personal photo shoot.

After determining the shooting date, we provide you with our private vehicle from the location you want and take you to the shooting area. Our shooting time is created as you specify during the time between sunrise and sunset.

With the support of our style consultant, the poses and shooting areas are determined, taking into account the specific outfits for the shoot. After our make-up artist and hairdresser complete the necessary preparations for the shoot, a personal photo shoot is made.

As Onur Bağcı Design & Art agency, we are creating a personal photo shoot price plan accordingly. We carry out all the necessary work to make your shooting in the most professional and affordable way.

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